(£10K to £20K Budget)

Motor Depot

Motor Depot have commissioned many TV adverts over the years, with a view that they don’t want to create adverts that focus just on prices and sales messages. Instead, they want adverts that blend their sales offering with a humorous situation.

In this advert, we hired a classroom, twenty children and an actress to play a teacher. What follows is a scenario, perfectly acted out by the cast, that can be resolved by purchasing a car from Motor Depot. Both cast and crew had a lot of fun making this and we like to think that comes across loud and clear when watching the final advert.

Agency: PAB Studios

Hampson Hughes

In an otherwise black and white world, the team from Hampson Hughes bring colour back to the lives of people who have suffered a personal injury.

Animated in a modern 2D style, the characters and city backdrop were created from scratch, and designed to incorporate the Hampson Hughes corporate colours.

The commercial features a cover of Aretha Franklin's "Think" on a license arranged by Global.

Agency: Global

Enhance Conservatories

Enhance Conservatories is proud of its North East routes and wanted to demonstrate their love for the region within their advert. They had not previously advertised on TV but were keen to maximise the impact of their media spend through celebrity endorsement

To achieve this, former World Heavyweight Champion boxer (and North East native) Glenn McCrory does a ‘knock-out’ job, with the shot of the Angel of the North at the end of the advert another means of reinforcing the companies North East Heritage.

Agency: Gibson Media

Motor Depot

Animation is a great way of explaining a product or service in ways that would be impossible with a live shoot. Motor Depot had already advertised their ‘Smart Drive’ product in several ways before this advert and felt that a new approach, using animation, would be a great way of promoting themselves.

The finished animation is both fun and informative with the animated assets created re-purposed for use in store, on line and in outdoor advertising. This cohesive approach really lifted the brand with a consistent look and feel achieved across all touch points.

Agency: PAB Studios

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