(£4K to £10K Budget)

South Shields Marine School

The educational offering at South Shields Marine School is unique, giving students access to expertise and equipment that will set them up for a lucrative and rewarding career in the Merchant Navy.

As the courses available here are hands on and exciting, we wanted to create an advert that had both pace and power, underpinned by dramatic visuals, voiceover and music. All three come together perfectly on this advert, one of the reasons this advert won ‘best TV commercial’ at the Royal Television Awards.


This was the very first commercial the Pulman Group had ever run on TV.

The brief was to create an advert which represented the company's values and excellent customer service. It was important that the actors were inline with the key demographics, so a great deal of care was taken to ensure all age groups were included.

The ad runs on the theme 'That's Life' - based on a vocal music track from our library that fits the commercial perfectly.

Agency: JustOut Marketing

Boldon Bathrooms

Boldon Bathrooms had advertised on TV previously however, as that was their first attempt, they worked to a tight production budget. As their exposure on TV had proven successful, they were ready to put more money into the production of their second advert by commissioning a presenter to represent the brand.

Filmed within their showroom, alongside the presenter several extras were also hired to promote the range of kitchens and bathrooms available. A key USP is the low-price point, which we promoted through strong graphics and delivery.

Agency: SD Advertising

The Smile Spa

Blending real life testimonials with footage of The Smile Spa practice allowed us to create an impactful advert, underpinned by a genuine success story.

As part of this project we also created social content to delve further into patients’ real stories and how coming to the Smile Spa has not just made a difference to their smile but also their life.

Agency: SD Advertising

Bradford College

Bradford College wanted a fresh campaign that put the city and its students front and centre.

The campaign generated a 474.5% increase in views of the college clearing webpage, compared to 2017/2018.

As well as exceeding recruitment targets, the commercial brought in millions of pounds of income and was a runner up in the Northern Digital Awards 2020.

Agency: Forward And Thinking

Heptonstalls Solicitors

Heptonstalls Solicitors are specialists in compensation for medical negligence claims.

This commercial shows an example journey of one of their clients. From making the initial contact, to getting back to the way things were before the accident.

Shot at a number of locations using actors, the commercial was well received and helped to drive new business.

Agency: Forward And Thinking

The Bed Experts

In the past, The Bed Experts have only ever run standard sale commercials on TV, but we wanted this ad to really stand out.

The alarm at the beginning works as a pattern interrupt, to grab attention in the ad break. The customer waking up in the bed showroom then provides an unexpected twist, to draw the view in further.

The campaign was extremely successful and helped to break the previous years' sales records.

Agency: Gibson Media

GKC Interiors

This commercial targeted trades people, rather than the general public.

It was important that the lead character could make a real connection with their target audience by talking directly to camera.

This was a very well planned shoot, that incorporated 3 different locations in a single day.

Agency: Gibson Media

Joslin Rhodes

When you think of financial advisors you picture a formal person, a formal conversation and a sterile, lifeless environment.

At Joslin Rhodes, they don’t believe financial advice needs to be like this and have created a relaxed environment to put those seeking advice at ease. With this TV advert, they were able to display their unique offices and demonstrate their patented ‘plan happy’ process.

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