£1950+VAT Examples

The examples below use our in-house voiceover

Ashdale Home Improvements

Due to the increasing amount of people working from home and requiring more space, Ashdale Home Improvements spotted an opportunity to promote garage conversions and garden rooms.

As they had not advertised on TV before they wanted to test the market before committing to a more elaborate production, hence the decision to produce a ‘starter advert’ using stock footage and imagery. The campaign has been a huge success and Ashdale Home Improvements have subsequently commissioned further TV adverts.

Agency: Gibson Media

Business Energy Quotes

All businesses want to save money and by using Business Energy Quotes’ comparison engine, this can be achieved in under 60 seconds.

The advert was heavily targeted on Sky AdSmart, designed to primarily be viewed by business owners. Simple yet effective, the message that businesses can save hundreds resonated with the audience.

Agency: Gibson Media

Craig David

Using clips from past performances and a music bed of Craig David’s signature hits, we created a fast-paced TV advert to promote his 2019 Summer tour.

As the promoters needed to increase awareness of the tour, and with time running out, the turnaround time from brief to broadcast was under two weeks. This represented a challenge but we managed to achieve it without sacrificing production values.

Agency: Gibson Media

Add a different voiceover
from an extra £500+VAT

The examples below use alternative voiceovers for an additional supplement.

(TVR limits may apply)


During Winter, extra strain is always placed on Accident and Emergency departments across the country. Some of this extra strain, however, is avoidable and a TV advert was required to remind people of this.

Using both existing assets supplied by the client and a ‘guess who’ style graphic effect created by our in-house team of graphic designers, we delivered this important message in a relaxed yet informative manner.

Agency: SD Advertising


A change in law meant that anyone who has suffered a flight delay of 3 hours or more would now be entitled to compensation.

As this new legislation was backdated for 6 years, millions of people were eligible for this compensation yet few were claiming the refund. A TV advert, targeted on the Sky platform, raised awareness of the compensation available in a clear and cohesive manner.

South Tyneside College

Due to the restrictions placed upon us during lockdown, we were unable to capture any additional live footage for South Tyneside College’s new TV campaign.

Rather than let this present a problem, we used stock video in a unique way, overlaying it with a super hero themed graphic treatment and brand new messaging. The footage used looks and feels brand new even though it was never intended to be used in this way.

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